Top 10 Reasons To Be A Business Owner In Door County

  1. Business By Nature – work all day and play all night in the wonderful natural splendor of the Door County Peninsula.
  2. A wide variety of financial incentives are available for businesses that choose to locate in Door County, including local, state and federal loans and state tax credit programs.
  3. A diverse local economy that includes manufacturing; service industries, agriculture, heath care, marine services, tourism, construction and numerous small businesses.
  4. A skilled workforce, brimming with ambition and a strong Midwestern work ethic.
  5. Superior opportunities for continuing education and training through the Sturgeon Bay campus of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and other local organizations.
  6. A creative population, inspired by an active arts and cultural community with national reputation, unrivaled in an area the size of Door County.
  7. Buildings and sites available in a variety of locations and configurations, adaptable for any size and type of business.
  8. Everything we DON’T have – long commutes in heavy traffic, stress levels that are off the charts, high crime areas, failing public schools
  9. A strategic Door County Economic Development Adjustment plan that is being actively implemented by the community.
  10. The available assistance of the Door County Economic Development Corporation, your one-stop access point to available business and community resources.

There are dozens of other reasons, too, including a progressive business climate energized by successful entrepreneurs who have already made the choice to have it all. Contact DCEDC to find out why the Door County Peninsula is an area that lets you build or expand your business in an environment like no other.

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