Tweak Social Media and Marketing, LLC

Tweak Social Media & Marketing, Door County, WI was founded in 2013 in Martha Scully Beller’s home office. Martha spent 4 years as membership liaison with the Door County Visitor Bureau having accepted that position after 22 years in Door County real estate. Martha began Tweak on the hunch that other forms of advertising weren’t growing as quickly as digital marketing and, as it turns out, she was right. As Tweak grew, it then shared space with Third Avenue Playhouse, quickly becoming a source of assistance for many Door County business owners providing social media management services, web design, building and maintenance, as well as graphic arts and more recently, videography.  Tweak assists clients with a broad range of marketing services, from strategic marketing plans to event planning to media strategies to websites to graphic design and social media. Tweak’s incredibly talented team of marketing professionals, writers and designers is shaking things up at the DCEDC. Our mission is to see our communities THRIVE. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s in store with this company!

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