Door Kewaunee Legislative Days Issue Survey


April 15-16 2015

Issues Identification Survey

Door County Businesses, Nonprofit Organizations and Civic Associations:

In anticipation of our seventh, bi-annual Legislative Days to be held on April 15-16, 2015, I invite your suggestions for agenda items to take to Madison.  Anyone can submit an issue. This survey is being sent out to all nonprofits, business associations and local government.  For those of you who may be new to Legislative Days, the program consists of organizing a delegation of over 100 citizens to travel to Madison for two major purposes:

1) Educate state officials and legislators on an accurate picture of Door and Kewaunee Counties and dispel the widespread misperception in Madison that we are a uniformly wealthy, problem free area.; and

2) Lobby for assistance from Madison that will help us address issues, projects, and opportunities that are uniquely special to Door and Kewaunee Counties and enjoy broad community support.

An ideal issue for Door Kewaunee Counties Legislative Days fits the following criteria:

a) The issue should be “local” and have unique implications for Door Kewaunee Counties (thus avoiding state-wide issues)

b) The issue should enjoy broad community support (controversial issues don’t fit on the agenda because they divide the delegation and dilute our message)

c) Exceeds our local capacity to deal with it.  (We need to show we have done all we can locally to resolve the issue, but some type of state action or support is needed)

Please list on the reverse side of this sheet any local issues and concerns you feel the state of Wisconsin can and should help us resolve. In addition to issues and concerns, please list any specific actions you feel the state could take to assist us in resolving these issues.  These actions could be in the form of specific legislation, budget items, rule changes, changes to grant programs, or policies.  The Legislative Day Steering Committee will review all items submitted by the Door and Kewaunee community to assemble the final agendas.  Deadline to submit an issue for consideration with this survey is February 16, 2015

Additional information and registration forms are forthcoming in the mail. List your ideas and suggestions on the reverse side of this sheet and email, send or fax to address above.  Or, Save a Stamp! You may fill out an on-line version of this survey by going to this web address:

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