DCEDC Releases Home Buyer Assistance Video

DCEDC, in partnership with a number of other organizations, recently released a new home buyer assistance video, designed to highlight and promote locally available programs that can provide down payment and/or rehabilitation financial assistance for income-eligible households in Door County. DCEDC has maintained a Workforce Housing Committee for many years to address issues related to affordable worker housing in Door County.

The new video, produced by Peninsula FilmWorks, is available for viewing on the DCEDC YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/DoorCountyEDC. The video, along with additional home buyer assistance information, is also on www.doorcountybusiness.com/homebuyer. Other partners in the production include the Door County Board of Realtors (DCBR) and Lakeshore Community Action Program (L-CAP). The video production was funded by a $5,000 Housing Opportunity Program Grant to DCBR from the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

According to Susan Kurtz, DCBR Association Executive: “We are very excited about this unique approach to help our local realtors educate potential buyers about these useful programs. The video will provide a new tool for our Real Estate Agent membership to actively promote home ownership for their clients. This will help to increase sales opportunities for our membership and build customer loyalty, which in turn helps to build long-term business sustainability for our membership. Our contacts at NAR tell us that we are the first group in the country to use the NAR grants to produce a video like this.”

Goals for the video project include:

  1. Increase awareness of home ownership opportunities and increase applications for locally available home buyer assistance programs.
  2. Maintain and increase levels of affordable housing opportunities in our community and provide an adequate residential workforce for our local businesses.
  3. Attract and retain young families in our community and increase enrollment in our local school districts.
  4. Create a ladder for upward mobility and wealth creation via home ownership.

The video features Chris Loose from L-CAP, explaining the home buying process and discussing home buyer education. The video also includes testimonials from two previous home buyer assistance program participants. 

The home buyer assistance programs that are highlighted in the video are under-utilized in our area due to the difficulty of getting the information to those who might potentially be eligible. Studies also show that Millennials are a particular target group for home buyer assistance programs; to engage with that demographic, the NexGen Door County Young Professionals Network will help market the video and target that group’s membership.

The DCEDC Workforce Housing Committee, recognizing that many potential home buyers were not aware of the many locally available housing assistance programs, home buyer assistance brochure 2018 to consolidate home buyer assistance information into one source. Committee members also presented a series of on-site home buyer awareness programs to employees at local companies. The new video is designed to take advantage of social media and other new technologies to create further awareness of the programs; the Workforce Housing Committee will also begin a new round of presentations at local companies, featuring the new video. Any employer interested in hosting a home buyer awareness program for their employees should contact Paige Funkhouser, DCEDC Economic Development Manager (paige@doorcountybusiness.com).

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