Business & Education Partnership

DCEDC recently unveiled a new, four-year, comprehensive workforce development plan,
Grow Door County – A Workforce for the Future,
which includes three thematic initiatives:

  1. “Inspired” Business & Education Partnerships – connecting students and industry to heighten career awareness.
  2. Working with local employers to develop the resources necessary to successfully retain and recruit new employees and new families to our community.
  3. Working with local municipalities to build the inventory of housing units available, focusing on additional multifamily housing options.

The Door County Business & Education Partnership is the one-stop access point for business and education connections in Door County, providing referral services to match business and education needs and resources. The Partnership strives to ensure that all area students have the skills and behaviors necessary to succeed in the ever-changing global economy, and that every student graduate from high school successfully prepared to enter skilled entry-level employment, technical college or training, or a post secondary university or college. The Business & Education Partnership believes that “Education is Everybody’s Business!”

The Business & Education Partnership is currently implementing the following priority programs, designed to encourage the development of a local workforce:

Local Advanced Manufacturing Career Promotional Video

This program produced nine educational and informational videos on day-to-day operations inside the doors of seventeen of our local manufacturing companies. The occupations featured include pipefitting, welding, machine operation, steel and aluminum fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, assembly, mechanical engineering, CNC machining and technical drafting. These new videos will serve as a tool for our area high school technical education programs and workforce recruitment efforts for years to come. The results of this initiative will be to expose area youth to the many career opportunities available in the community and help businesses secure qualified employees.

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Career Awareness

Job Shadow Program

Allows students the opportunity to explore local careers of interest by job shadowing someone working in that occupation. The Partnership sets up the job shadow with the business, student and teacher/counselor.

Group Tours with Businesses

The Partnership sets up tours at local businesses for students/teachers to show what the workplace looks like and the types of jobs available.

Career Day

The Partnership contacts employers and sets up the Career Day activity at NWTC. It gives students an opportunity at the 8th grade level to start learning about the different careers that are available within our community.

Tool Time, Careers on Wheels

These fun career exploration events are focused on grades 2-6. It is never too early for students to dream about their future. The Partnership contacts employers and sets up these activities which are done in Sturgeon Bay, but are great activities to be expanded to the other school districts. These occur on a three year rotation.

Contact between Business and Schools

The Partnership can help the schools and students with contacting businesses to help in the exploration of careers, class projects and guest speaking.

High School Home Construction Program

Area high schools will collaborate with the local construction industry on the construction of a student-built home. Students participating in this program will learn and become skilled in all the trade area associated with home construction. Graduates of this program will be well prepared to join the workforce or continue their education. This will be a credited class offered through the high schools in addition to advanced placement at NWTC.

High School Certified Nursing Assistant Program

This program will begin to be offered to high school juniors who may be interested in pursuing a career in health care. Students will attend a training course at the local technical college and will complete clinical experience in training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant facilitated by a registered nurse at an area health care facility. Following this course, CNA students will participate in the previously CBED funded Youth Co-op program and placed in hospitals, long term care facilities or home health agencies to receive on-the-job training. Seven healthcare facilities will be working with area youth on this program.

Youth Co-op Program

We are offering a “try it on for size” career exploration program to high school juniors and seniors. The class would be a semester long course where a student would be released from school the last two hours of the day to work in a job that interests them and they may want to pursue post high school. The Co-op program is offered for credit through the school district and students could be paid for their time.

Advanced Manufacturing Field Study Class

This program will be offered to high school students involved in both business and technology programs and will become a part of the high school curriculum. Area businesses will do a speaking tour to each of the six high schools we serve, highlighting their businesses and the careers that are available to students within that business. A week after the visit, students would take an in depth tour of the business and learn first hand what careers are available and the benefits to entering a career with that company. The impact of visiting the businesses in the industrial park to dispel the myths of manufacturing will have a large impact on educating our youth and possible future manufacturing employees.

Business and Technology Education Roundtable (Tech Teachers Council)

High School tech education programs are feeder programs to the workforce. This program will bring business leaders from manufacturing together with area technology teachers and administrators to discuss the businesses desired skill sets for young adults who will be entering the workforce. Schools will have the opportunity to express the support they need from area businesses to turn out students who are ready to enter the local workforce. In discussions with local business leaders we have heard over and over that students do not have the skill sets they are looking for when they exit high school. Meetings with teachers have revealed that they would love to have feedback from businesses about what they could include in their daily lessons that would have “real world” impact. The result in these meetings and curriculum realignment would impact all students whose teachers participated and businesses would feel they have some stake and involvement about how students are being prepared for post high school endeavors.

To find out more about these programs or to utilize Partnership services, please contact Korey Mallien, Business & Education Partnership Manager

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