Leasing Policies

Competitive pricing allows Center tenants to focus on growing their businesses—without having to worry about escalating overhead costs.

  • All space is leased on a per sq.ft. basis with a minimum monthly lease amount for each type of space. Lease rates on both a per month and per year basis are listed below. Minimum monthly lease amounts are also listed.
  • Industrial space is leased on a triple net basis and warehouse and office space is leased on a gross rate basis.
  • Lease terms are typically one year with the option to renew. Tenant businesses will typically “graduate” from the facility after 5 years.
  • Lease rates increase 5% per year after 3 years and 6% per year after 6 years.
LEASE RATES: (all rates quoted per square foot)
Type of Space: Startup/Early Stage Business Anchor Tenant
Temporary Warehouse $.30/mo, $3.60/yr, $50/mo minimum $.30/mo, $3.60/yr, $50/mo minimum
w/o Exterior O.H. Door with Exterior O.H. Door w/o Exterior O.H. Door with Exterior O.H. Door
Industrial $.24/mo, $2.90/yr

$65/mo minimum

$.255/mo, $3.06/yr

$450/mo minimum

$.26/mo, $3.15/yr

$70/mo minimum

$.27/mo, $3.30/yr

$500/mo minimum

no window with window no window with window
Semi Finished Offices $.55/mo, $6.60/yr

$100/mo minimum

$.64/mo, $7.70/year

$115/mo minimum

$.64/mo, $7.70/year

$115/mo minimum

$.73/mo, $8.80/yr

$125/mo minimum

Offices $.79/mo, $9.50/yr

$125/mo minimum

$.92/mo, $11.00/yr

$140/mo minimum

$.92/mo, $11.00/yr

$140/mo minimum

$1.00/mo, $12.00/yr

$150/mo minimum

Triple net rate -Tenant pays share of occupancy costs for Utilities, Property Taxes and Maintenance. Most costs divided based on percentage of total leasable space occupied by tenant.

Gross rate
– Lease rate includes all occupancy costs except in unusual circumstances.

Ext. O.H. door – Exterior overhead doors (12 x 14) available in some industrial areas.

Semi finished offices
– Includes finished walls, dropped ceiling with florescent lighting, no carpet, A/C optional.

Offices – All finished offices

Temporary warehouse space
– Available on an interim basis when space is available. Includes minimum heat and use of truck docks and material handling equipment.

Anchor tenant
– An established local business that has outgrown its current facilities. The Center can accommodate a limited number of these businesses at market lease rates to help insure the Center’s financial stability. The maximum area used by all anchor tenants is limited to not more than 10% of the total Center leasable area.

For additional information or to inquire about available space, contact Paula Sullivan.

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*Please note that lease rates and policies are subject to change.

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