Door County’s internet service providers and their service areas can be viewed on the Door County Web Map (  The map will allow you to find what service providers and data speeds are available at a specific site or property within the county. The map can also show the service coverage area for each of the providers in the county.

Instructions for using the Web Map can be found at

The telecommunications service provider information on the Door County Web Map is based on data provided to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission by the providers. The map is intended for planning and general use only.  Please contact the service provider for site specific service availability.


  • CenturyTel – Southern Door County
  • Frontier Communications – Northern Door County
  • AT&T – Central Door County, including the City of Sturgeon Bay.
  • Charter Communications – Offers phone services as part of their voice/data/video “triple play” services, where available.
  • Nsight – Offers business phone services as part of their Voice/Data/Video “triple play”, where available.

Internet Connectivity

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